Have you ever thought about caravanning with kids? For some, this might not seem like the kind of holiday you or they would enjoy. 

But the truth is that caravanning around Australia with kids can be incredible for all concerned. Not only is it a great way to see the country, but it will also benefit your kids and your family in some unexpected ways. 

If you’re ready – or simply curious – about a caravan trip with your kids, here’s why it’s a great idea. 


1. See Australia 

People come from all over the world to see the majesty and strangeness of Australia. And yet so many locals head overseas when it’s time for a holiday. It’s time to change that and see all the top attractions in Australia that tourists rave about. And when you go caravanning with kids, you can be sure that you won’t miss a single, incredible site. 




2. Strengthen your Family Bonds 

There’s nothing like travelling together for testing and strengthening your family bonds. Having new experiences, creating shared memories, and even overcoming hardships can bring you closer together. And that goes double when you’re living in close quarters in a caravan. 

When you go caravanning with kids, you can expect fights, tears, and discomfort. But you can also expect everyone to find new ways to work and live together. And your family will be stronger for the experience. 


3. Make Vivid Memories

family camping memories

Life goes by so fast sometimes. You’re working and paying the bills and before you know it, your kids are grown and building lives of their own. 

There isn’t much time when kids are little to make bright, vivid memories that will last you and the rest of your family a lifetime. That’s why you need to make them whenever you can.

Seeing something amazing, eating in strange little roadside diners, even a rainstorm that sends you fleeing inside. All of these create memories that will be bright and vivid long after your children are grown and going on holidays with their own families. 


4. Improved Social Skills 


Social skills are incredibly important and often difficult to teach to children. But they’re also essential. Your kids need to learn how to interact with people who are different and live far different lives than they’re used to. Unfortunately, there isn’t much opportunity for them to learn these skills in a normal daily routine. 

When you go caravanning with kids, they’ll meet new people all the time, from every walk of life. And you’ll be surprised by how quickly their social skills improve and what a difference it makes in their lives. 


5. Privacy

caravan maintenance in sydneyEver been in a hotel with angry kids having a tantrum and wondered if your neighbours could hear you through the wall? This is one of the hazards of travelling with kids. But having your own caravan removes that worry because it’s like your own private home on wheels. 

So, the next time your kids are fighting or having a tantrum while you’re on holiday, you won’t have to worry about your neighbours. You can just close everything up and calm everyone down in peace and quiet. 


6. Get some Adult Time 

couple campingParents don’t usually get holidays. Admit it, when you’re on vacation with your kids, you’re usually too busy making sure they have everything they need, are in the right places, and aren’t wandering off. Time to relax is rare. But when you go caravanning with kids, this all changes. 

When you go caravanning and stop at the best caravan sites for kids, there will be families everywhere. Your kids will make new friends, explore the park, and generally have an amazing adventure.

And meanwhile, you can share the kid-watching with other parents, who will be just as happy to have extra eyes looking for trouble. And you’ll also get lots of adult time because you won’t have to make up games to keep your kids occupied. They’ll be too busy having fun. 


7. Lower Cost Holidays

Flights, hotels, restaurant meals, transport. It can really add up when you take your family on holiday. But you can cut these costs significantly when you have a caravan. Your accommodation is taken care of and is on wheels, which means no flying or transport. And most caravans have a kitchen, so you can take and make most of your meals as well. 

Caravanning with kids can be a really low-cost way to travel. And if you buy caravan shares through Caravan Partnership, you can spare yourself the expense of buying a caravan and just enjoy being on the road. 


Caravan Ownership

The Takeaway 

Caravanning with kids can be amazing if you’re organised and do it in the right way. You’ll make precious memories, see amazing things, and teach your kids valuable life lessons that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. 

For a truly amazing trip without the expense of buying and owning your own caravan, talk to Caravan Partnership about caravan shares, the easy way to go caravanning without the expense.