Planning a caravanning family time? Are you concerned about how your family will react if they’re locked in a road trip for hours on end? Worried about family members fighting, getting bored, or just getting sick of each other? This is a common concern, and it’s one that makes sense. 


But the reality is that caravanning will probably bring your family together, not split them apart. 


If you’d like to go caravanning but you’re worried about the effects on your family, then here’s a new perspective from some caravanning experts. 


About our Caravanning Experts 

Caravan Partnership Founders

Roni and Beatrix are the founders of Caravan Partnership, a company that’s introducing a groundbreaking new model to the caravanning industry. Caravan Partnership wants to make caravanning as easy, cost-effective, and trouble-free as possible with caravan shares


The reason behind this desire to make caravanning accessible for everyone is simple. Both Roni and Beatrix love caravanning. They both began experiencing the camping world as kids with their families, and now that they are adults, they see no reason not to continue this tradition with their own children. 


As adults, Roni and Beatrix have seen a whole new side of caravanning. They have realised just how amazing the caravanning and campaign experience is for their family as a whole and for each individual member. 


The Start of Caravanning Trips 

Family Caravanning Australia Vintage

At the start of family caravanning trips, it is not unusual for there to be some conflict. You are in a different setting and environment, accommodated in a space much tighter than home with people who have different personalities, different preferences, and different ways of doing things. 


As Beatrix puts it, “When we go on these types of holidays, I feel that we need at least 48 hours to adjust to each other, as individuals.” 


Giving people set jobs during the caravanning trip helps immensely with this adjustment process. And at first, there may be some resistance towards doing these jobs. But as the trip goes on, everyone adjusts and starts to make room for other family members’ opinions and preferences. And that’s when the trip becomes truly special for everyone. 


Beatrix points out that “I had to let go of things, we all had to surrender our preferences for each other. Because you are in the middle of nowhere, you might get there at nighttime, you’re tired. And you kind of feel the connection, we connected on another level and it’s not just getting the hotel room with everything very comfortable, it’s a different kind of holiday.”


This is when the real benefits of caravanning with your family start to show. 


Family Bonding without Distractions

Young family on a caravanning trip

Any type of travelling is beneficial for individuals and for families. It can teach you a whole range of skills and give you a new perspective on the world and on your place in it. But going on a caravanning trip with your family is a little different. You may learn more about the world, but you’ll mostly learn about yourselves and each other. 


Beatrix says that “We had time for so many things. You know, during long trips we had time to listen to everyone’s favourite story or podcast that we could talk about. There were no other distractions.” 


In these days of social media and a thousand different distractions, having the time to talk and bond is absolutely priceless. This type of bonding will not only bring you closer as a family but it will also: 


  • Teach you how to work together
  • Improve your listening skills 
  • Teach every family member mutual respect 
  • Boost confidence levels and feelings of self-worth
  • Create precious memories that last a lifetime 
  • Promote general happiness 
  • Improve your children’s social life outside of the family


Growing as a Family and as Individuals 

Family camping in the forest

When you head out on the road for a caravanning trip, you will encounter obstacles. It rains, you could have issues with your vehicle, that caravan park you wanted to stay in has no vacancies, or the local supermarket closes just before dinner when you are starving. 


How you cope with these challenges, big and small, will be what determines the real outcome of the trip for your family. You can crumble, argue, fight, and return home angry and frustrated. Or you can learn to unite as a family, rise to the challenges, and grow stronger by overcoming them. 


Beatrix puts it this way, “There was never a holiday when we came back without being happy. You know, we had ups and downs, but we always come back stronger and stronger. That’s how I feel, that’s what makes my heart smile when I think about this trip because I know that every trip, at the end of the trip we made it happen. We just grow every trip.” 


And if you make the choice to unite and grow stronger, the effects of your trip will last long after you pack away your caravan. Beatrix says that “When we get back, it feels like a very deep and meaningful holiday. We all learn about each other, and we grow a lot.” 


Are you ready to build this kind of connection with your family and reap the rewards? 


The Takeaway 

Card games camping

Travelling anywhere and in any way can be very beneficial for yourself and for your family. It will teach you to adjust to a new culture, a new way of living, and open your mind to the world. But caravanning goes a step further than that. It is a challenge that will make the team that is your family stronger and closer. And what more could you ask for from a holiday? 


If you’d like to head out caravanning with your family, talk to our team about Caravan Shares today.