Oh, campers… For those who don’t have the same wanderlust appreciation and an extreme passion for outdoor life, we can be seen as a rather enigmatic tribe. 


But don’t be mistaken, from the overly organised, adventure seekers, minimalists to the cooking enthusiast, we come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Are you the type of person who relishes the idea of sleeping in a tent and cooking over a fire that you built yourself? Or are you the type who cringes at the idea of snakes, spiders, weird toilets, and going without a hot shower in the morning? If you’re the latter type, then you may think that camping isn’t for you. But the truth is that everyone can enjoy camping. You just need to know what type of camper you are so that you can plan your trip properly. 


With that in mind, here’s our guide to the more common types of campers. Do you spot yourself somewhere among these categories? Keep an eye out at your next weekend getaway, you are sure to spot some of those ‘camper-species’ around the campground.


Camp Organisers 

Camp organiser

Camp organisers always have lists, schedules, and a camera close at hand with a spare battery just in case. Whether you have one of these campers in your travel group or just encounter one on the road, you’ll probably be both happy and annoyed to see them. Sure, the chirpiness and constant encouragement can get annoying. But there’s no one better to make sure there are plenty of events that keep every camper happy. 


Glamping Only 


Glampers would never think about going camping unless they have a luxury caravan and can park at a top-quality campsite with lots of amenities. If you’re this kind of camper, then you overpack, just to make sure that you have everything, and have no shame about it. And why should you be ashamed? Sunsets over the water or soaring mountain tops are just as beautiful when you’re looking at them from a comfortable chair while sipping a mimosa. 


Adventure Seekers 

Adventure seekers

These campers are intoxicating to be around. They can be a little overwhelming at first, but their insistence on having an adventure and talent for finding or making one can turn a camping trip into a magical experience. Brash and noisy, these campers live in the moment and will bring you along on their adventures, whether it’s a noisy late-night drinking game or a hike into a beautiful and potentially dangerous area. 


The Gourmet Chef

Gourmet camper

Some people cook sausages over the fire and eat sandwiches. Others rustle up gourmet dishes at every meal. The Gourmet Chef camper takes cooking a little more seriously than other campers. For example, don’t try to get in their way in the kitchen or take any of their labelled food containers out for a snack without asking. But if you don’t mind them spending lots of time over the fire or cooker during your trip, you’ll be rewarded with delicious, creative meals that will draw in campers from miles around. 


The Minimalists

Minimalist campers

Minimalist campers have been camping for years. In fact, they probably started camping when they were kids. With their parents. Who were also minimalists. Minimalists have a small tent, the most basic equipment, and still seem to get along fine. They also seem to know everything, so if you have a question, just ask and they’ll help you out. 


Family Campers 

Family camping

Family campers are probably the noisiest type of camper. They arrive at a site, open their doors, and kids flow out in a fast-moving wave. These campers are always happy to get to their destination and they’re even happier to see kid-friendly facilities around so they can sit down, take a load off, and chat with other adults while their kids are otherwise occupied. 


Cranky Campers 

Cranky camper

There’s always a cranky camper around. They’re the camper who’s been dragged along by a spouse, friend, or kid, and isn’t too happy about it. These campers prefer to stay close to camp, away from the mud and the insects, and usually have their phone close at hand. The only time they seem to enjoy themselves is when the marshmallows or the beer comes out. 


The Cavemen 

Cave man

Despite the name, these campers can be either male or female. Their idea of the perfect camping trip night is to grill a steak on the fire while drinking a beer. Unless of course, it’s footy season and they can make the experience perfection by having the football on at the same time. You’ll usually hear these campers before you see them, and any kids close by might learn some new words. 


The Hikers 


More and more people are getting into hiking these days and hikers are even invading the camping crowd! You’ll know the hikers by their minimalist set up and highly technical shoes and backpack. Hikers go in for lightweight gear and make other types of campers seem like major over-packers. 


Grey Nomad Campers 

Grey nomads

Grey nomad campers are everywhere. Outfitted with a luxury RV, all the best and latest equipment, and usually the best camping spots, they’re savvy campers who know all the tricks. Grey nomad campers tend to stay in one spot a long time and have been camping long enough to know how to find the most beautiful, isolated spots. 


The Takeaway 

Don’t be put off by the idea of cold showers and hot and cold running insects. There are some places in Australia and some experiences that you can only enjoy when you’re camping or caravanning. Don’t miss out on some of the most iconic sites in the country. Just work out what kind of camper you are and plan your trip accordingly. And you if are looking for caravan park options, a good place to start is on the “Let’s Go Caravanning and Camping”, from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.


If you need help with that, or if you’re more on the Glampers side of camping, then talk to Caravan Partnership about luxury caravans at a great price.