Caravans have never been more popular in Australia. In fact, caravanning is becoming one of the most popular holiday options and lifestyles among people of all ages. Over 18 million Australians are connected to the caravanning lifestyle.

More and more people are buying into the freedom and the ease of this type of travel. But there are a lot of extras that come along with caravan ownership, from maintenance and cleaning to detailing and storage when you aren’t travelling.

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Have you ever wondered if there could be a more efficient way to enjoy the caravan lifestyle? Yes, there is: caravan shares.


To help you better understand our new model of caravan ownership, and how it can benefit you and your family, we have put together the below comparison table. It analyses these three different scenarios:

Traditional caravan buying: considering a full-priced caravan purchase of the “Concorde Family 2100” caravan, a luxurious brand new Australian-made caravan.

Caravan renting: considering a rental of the Concorde Family Caravan for 35 days, at an average price of $175 per day.

Caravan shares: considering the purchase of a 10% share of the ‘Concorde Family 2100” caravan


caravan comparison chart



The Takeaway


Caravanning is growing in popularity here in Australia. Something about having a home on wheels and the open road in front of you is incredibly seductive. But most people don’t know that much about caravans. For instance, you might not know that it could be better for you to rent a caravan rather than buy.

It all depends on how you’re going to use it and how often. Making this choice correctly could save you a lot of time, money, and trouble.

If you like caravanning, don’t just head out and buy a caravan before your next road trip. Instead, take some time to consider your options. This will reduce your expenses, time and trouble, and give you more time to just enjoy the open road!

At Caravan Partnership, our mission is to help people make the dream of owning a caravan and travelling on it easier, quicker and more affordable. Our innovative new solution will allow you to use your caravan in a way that suits your lifestyle, budget, and time constraints.

With caravan shares, instead of all the traditional hassles of owning and maintaining a caravan, all you’ll see is the fun and adventure of travelling with it.

Curious about how caravan shares work? Click here to read more.

We are revamping the model of caravan ownership, where you empty out your bank account to buy a caravan and spend a fortune fixing it up and maintaining it. And then, if you’re like most people and only use your caravan for 6 weeks of the year, you have to think about storage the rest of the time while your caravan sits idle. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

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* For this scenario, we have followed the below calculation:

Total investment = initial investment + cost per year (for the period of 3 years)

Estimated loss = total investment – sale price (either 50% or 70% of the original purchase price)

See below, as an example, the calculation break-down for the scenario “Traditional buy, with a sale at 70% of asset initial price”:

Total investment = $65,000 + $10,500 ($3,500 estimated annual costs, over a period of 3 years) = $75,500

Estimated loss = $75,500 – 45,500 (sale price at 70% of original asset purchase price) = $30,000

** Definition of stand-by days: a booking that does not deduct from the 35 days per 12 months allowance. Members can request a standby booking even if day credits are still available. If no more day credits available (including for special dates), members can only request a standby booking. A standby request only becomes an actual booking if no other user requested the date