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Worry-Free Caravan Rental For a Hassle-Free Holiday

There’s nothing quite like travelling in a caravan. It eliminates the trouble of packing and unpacking your luggage and lugging it through airports and hotels. When you travel in a caravan, it’s like a home on wheels. And best of all, you can visit places in Australia that few people ever see! You control your holiday when you’re in a caravan, all you have to do is choose a place on the map and head out onto the open road.

If you want to head out in a caravan for an unforgettable trip, then Caravan Partnership offers a wide range of immaculate, comfortable caravans to rent. When you rent with us, you can be sure that your caravan is clean and painstakingly maintained and detailed so that your trip goes off without a single hitch!

Find The Perfect Caravan To Rent For your Caravanning Holiday

We offer you a comprehensive rental package for the most competitive price. Our rental caravans all include:

Basic camping gear
Weber BBQ
General cleaning
Linen & bedding
Basic pantry
Nespresso coffee machine with pods
Concorde Family 2100

Starting $150 /day

Concorde Family 2100

Berths: 4

Length: 22 feet

More Details

Featuring luxurious finishes, this family caravan is certain to impress. The Concord 2100 will give you the comfort to make your dream family caravanning holidays unforgettable while giving you the peace of mind that you are travelling on a caravan that it’s built following the highest standards. This is a perfect family caravan, featuring a queen-sized bed, ensuite with ceramic toilet and shower, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen and an electronic awning. This caravan is truly luxury on wheels!

There are lots of caravan rental services out there, but they aren’t like Caravan Partnership. Here’s why you should come to us for your rental needs:

We’re picky about the caravans we hire out, so we only take on caravans that are new and comfortable.

All of our caravans are made by trusted manufacturers, so you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or other issues on the road.

We specialise in a luxurious, trouble free experience from the day you book to the moment you drive the caravan back into our lot.

Our team are all die hard adventurers who love the caravanning lifestyle and offer top quality customer service and advice every time.

Would You like to Rent out Your Caravan?

We can also help if you have your own caravan and want to rent it out. We take care of the bookings, cleaning, and maintenance after rentals, and all you have to do is work out where to spend the extra money. Find out more about how easy it is to rent your van and help others enjoy the caravanning lifestyle today.

How We Make Caravan Booking Easy and You Get an Amazing Caravan Every Time

We want to make your entire caravanning experience easy, quick, and seamless. That’s why we have recently updated our caravan booking system to make it simple to use and navigate. So, if you’re looking to book a short-term caravan, then here’s how:

1. Find your Caravan

Search our user-friendly site to find the caravan that will suit your trip and your travel group. We have a wide range available to suit every taste.

2. Book your Dates

Find and book your preferred dates on our system.

3. Select your Add-Ons

We offer a range of add-ons such as kayak or camping and fishing gear hire. We can also tow your caravan to your chosen holiday spot if you can’t get it there. So, if you want a little extra convenience during your trip, make sure you check out what’s on offer.

4. Walk-In

Walk into our store on the day of your booking. Your caravan will be clean, ready to go, and stocked up if that’s what you asked for.

5. Walk-off

When your trip is over, return your caravan to our store and head home with your memories. You don’t have to worry about parking or cleaning it, that’s all included, so you can leave us to do the hard part and get back to your life.

Caravan Rental Package Inclusions

Ready to hit the road? Here are some of the inclusions in our caravan rental packages

Here’s what’s included when you rent caravan shares with Caravan Partnership:

A range of expertly maintained and new caravans for you to choose from.

Top quality cleaning services after every trip.

Lots of add-ons to make your holiday even more hassle-free.

An easy to use booking system.

Turn-key camping services available for those times when you just want to show up and have everything already done for you.


A hassle-free experience every time.

Top Tips & Destinations for Today’s Intrepid Caravanners

There has never been a better time to get out there and explore Australia in a caravan. People spend thousands of dollars to visit Australia from every country in the world. Once here, they marvel at the landscapes, the friendly people, the strange animals, and the ancient artifacts and landmarks.

Travelling Australia in a caravan gives you a level of freedom and independence that you can’t get any other way. It allows you to choose your own trip, stay in amazing places, and have all the comforts of home at the same time. But if you haven’t travelled in a caravan before, then you might not know the best places to visit and the best ways to get there.

No matter where you start in Australia, you’ll have your pick of amazing destinations and fascinating landscapes. In fact, you might find yourself overwhelmed with how much there is to see and do. To help with that, we’ve compiled this list of awesome destinations to visit in Australia and the best tips and tricks for getting there and getting the most from the experience. So, all you need to do is pick your destination and get started exploring this beautiful and ancient land.

Click here for our top caravanning tips

If you want more details on caravan rental packages in Sydney NSW, or just want to talk to someone who can help you decide if caravanning is for you, then have a chat with our friendly, adventure loving team today.

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