There are lots of truly beautiful natural places in the world. You can probably name a few of them off the top of your head. But did you know that there are holiday places near Sydney that are so beautiful they rival any of the top contenders in the world?

There has never been a better time to get out there and hire a caravan in Sydney for your weekend getaways. Sydney will wait. Those views might not. 

So, here are some of the most jaw-dropping places close to Sydney. 


1. Mount Kosciuszko 

Mount Kosciuszko - weekend getaways

You can’t talk about amazing weekend getaways from Sydney without mentioning the tallest mountain in Australia. Mount Kosciuszko might be small compared to other mountains in the world, but it’s still immense.

And the scenery in this part of New South Wales is absolutely unbeatable and includes everything from incredible mountain views to raging rivers and caves.  

Mount Kosciuszko is around 393 km from Sydney. Driving there will take you about 6 hours, but you can also fly or try other transport options if you’re low on time. 


2. The Blue Mountains 

Blue MountainsYou can’t go past the world heritage listed Blue Mountains when it comes to natural scenery or outdoor activities. Best of all, this area is huge, so you can plan your getaway to exactly match your preferences. 

Want the typical tourist experience? Then make sure you see the Three Sisters. Would you prefer some peace and quiet? Well, there are plenty of hidden waterfalls, pristine valleys, and swimming holes where you can enjoy yourself in the serene natural environment. 

You can get to the Blue Mountains in around 90 minutes by car or train. Also, keep an eye out for the local bus once you’re there, because it offers an easy way to see all the main sites. 


3. Byron Bay 

Byron BayByron Bay is rapidly turning into a place where the rich hide their enormous homes, but it isn’t all the way there yet. It’s still an incredibly beautiful pocket of land, where the beach meets the dense forest. Best of all, the alternative culture that this area became famous for is still hanging on, though it’s under serious threat. 

Byron Bay is around 8 hours by car from Sydney, so it’s not the best location for short getaways in NSW, but well worth the trip if you have additional time.


4. The South Coast 

Jervis BayIf you like more adventure during your weekend getaways from Sydney, then consider driving 2 hours south of the city. This is where you’ll find the South Coast, a stunning coastal area that’s become a hot spot for adventure sports and activities of all kinds. 

In this area you can go swimming in Hyam’s, Murray’s, or Steamer’s Beach, hike through Booderee National Park, scuba dive in Jervis Bay, or do the famous Kiama Coast Walk. And of course, there’s fishing, boating, kayaking and every other type of water activity on offer too. But the area also has stunning coastal scenery and a great food scene if you like a little more relaxation with your short holidays. 


5. The Central Coast 

Noraville Central Coast NSW

Noraville Central Coast NSW

North of Sydney is a long stretch of coastal area that has become known as the Central Coast. Dotted with charming small towns it offers seemingly endless coastal views, incredible beaches and wetlands. It’s the ideal destination if you like a little variety and to move during your short getaways in NSW. 

Head to Avoca Beach for surfing, The Entrance for resorts and wetlands, Gosford for shopping, and just about anywhere for incredible views of nature and the ocean. 




6. Kangaroo Valley 

Kangaroo Valley NSWEnjoy nature while turning back the clock in Kangaroo Valley, an area where life just moves slower. Just two hours drive southwest of Sydney, Kangaroo Valley is the perfect destination if you’re tired and stressed and want to unwind somewhere beautiful. 

Kangaroo Valley offers a small-town feel, waterfalls, rolling green hills, and lots of historic touches. And if you like to move to get rid of stress, then you can go kayaking in the river, horse riding, hiking, or just go from place to place exploring the town’s fabulous food scene. 


7. Oberon 

Oberon NSW during autumn

Oberon NSW during autumn

Get back to nature and the simple life in Oberon, located in the central west tablelands. The views over this valley are simply stunning and the area offers a chance for you to slow down and relax. Oberon is around 2 and a half hours from Sydney and close to Bathurst. 

Oberon offers great horse riding and bike trails. And if you’re there in summer, make sure that you check out the Mayfield Gardens, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest privately owned cool climate garden. 



8. Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley NSW

Hot air ballon in the Hunter Valley NSW

Want some wine with your getaways from Sydney? Then head to the Hunter Valley. This area is all green vineyards underneath the sun. You can enjoy some wine tasting at Wollombi and then explore the World Heritage listed Yengo National Park or see kangaroos at the Hunter Valley Zoo. 

And just in case you need more reasons to visit the Hunter Valley, remember that this area is a famous foodie haven and has some of the best restaurants and chocolate in New South Wales. 


9. Berry 

Berry NSWYou might haven’t heard of Berry, but it’s only ninety minutes south of Sydney. This tiny town offers the best of both worlds, it’s between Kangaroo Valley and the beach, which means it offers amazing restaurants, lots of outdoor activities, and pristine blue water to cool off in. 





10. Mollymook 

Mollymook near Ulladulla

Mollymook beach near Ulladulla

New South Wales has some of the most popular and famous white sand beaches in the world. And this brings in the tourists in droves. If you’d like a quieter atmosphere, then head down to Mollymook. This small town is just 3 hours south of Sydney and the whole area is simply stunning. 

While you’re in Mollymook, get out on the water to see the whales and dolphins and wander the white sands. And afterwards, go surfing, play golf, or just find a quiet spot and relax. 


The Takeaway 

It isn’t difficult to find beautiful places to visit during your weekend getaways, Sydney. Within a few hours of this bustling modern city, you can find amazing natural scenery that will blow your mind and soothe your soul. 

There has never been a better time to get out and explore Australia. And the best way to do that is in a caravan, because you don’t want to miss a single amazing site. If you’d like to explore Australia in a caravan, but can’t afford the expense, then reduce the stress and cost by buying caravan shares with Caravan Partnership