Buying a caravan can be expensive depending on the model you prefer and how much space you need. Unfortunately, this isn’t your only expense when you have your own caravan. Caravan repairs and servicing can almost literally cost you an arm and a leg. And worst of all, you might not think to factor this into your calculations when you’re buying your first caravan. 


Why Service a Caravan? 

You might get your car served regularly, but why bother with caravan servicing? After all, a caravan doesn’t have an engine or other complicated parts that need regular checks. So, it should be safe, right? 


You mustn’t think about your caravan like a house because unlike a house, it has to move. It needs to be pulled behind your car without endangering you or other drivers. That’s why modern caravans need servicing on a regular basis. 


Regular caravan servicing will help prevent accidents caused by equipment failure. It will also help you save on caravan repairs and extend the lifespan of your caravan so that you can get the most from your purchase. 


Caravan Servicing Tasks


There’s actually a lot involved with caravan servicing. First of all, your caravan servicer will need to do a safety inspection of components like: 


  • Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
  • Appliances
  • Connection cables
  • Brake wiring
  • Electric and parking brakes
  • A-frame and chassis
  • Headlights, fog lamps, hazard lights, left and right indicators, and reversing lights
  • Wheel nuts
  • Bearings
  • Shock absorbers
  • Suspension and control arm mounting bolts
  • Wheel alignment 
  • Tyre pressure and balance
  • Battery connections
  • Jockey wheel and mounting jacket
  • Springs
  • Tow coupling
  • Windows
  • Body work
  • Water system
  • Water tanks 
  • Safety chains


Each of these parts needs to be checked for damage and to ensure that they’re working correctly. And if there are any problems, they will need to be repaired. 


Maintenance should also include checks for damage and proper functioning of the following: 


  • Vital fluid levels 
  • Brake magnets
  • Safety sway control system
  • Seals on doors, windows, and roof
  • Awnings 
  • Vents
  • Chassis


This is a lot of parts, and they all need to be working properly to make your camping trips safe and trouble-free. A caravan service may also include any tasks required by your warranty. 


When to Perform Caravan Servicing

To avoid extensive caravan repairs, you will need to have your van serviced at least once a year or every 10,000km.  However, you can use your own judgement for this. If you take a long trip over bumpy dirt roads, it might be best to make a caravan servicing appointment. And doing the same before a big trip is a really good idea as well. 


If you have the skills, you should also perform maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Chores like cleaning the dust filters in the air conditioning and replacing water filters can really improve the functioning and comfort of your caravan. And they’re pretty easier to learn to do as well. 


The Cost of Caravan Servicing 

The cost of servicing will obviously depend on: 


  • Your caravan type and model 
  • How long it’s been since your last service
  • How much damage there is


Caravan servicing can cost up to and including $1,000 per service for large, luxurious caravans. This is obviously a huge investment and you need to consider this expense before you buy your caravan. 


If you want a large, luxurious caravan, but don’t want to cover this expense every year, then take a look at Caravan Partnership. We have a huge range of luxurious, top of the range caravans. You can buy shares in any of the caravans in our list, use it a corresponding number of days a year, and let us take care of any repairs and servicing when you’re not using it. It’s the easiest, simplest way to part own a caravan without all the associated work! 


Regular Caravan Maintenance Tips 

If you want your caravan to last, you can’t just get it serviced once in a while and ignore it the rest of the time. To keep your caravan in working condition, you need to do regular caravan maintenance. Don’t try to check the electrics or anything else complex unless you’re fully qualified and experienced. But there are tasks you can do regularly to help maintain your caravan including: 


  • Get your caravan serviced every year even if you haven’t used it 
  • Keep it clean
  • Check regularly for rust and mould
  • Get small issues fixed quickly to prevent them from becoming large ones
  • Find a caravan servicing centre that you trust


The Takeaway 

Owning a caravan and keeping up with caravan repairs and maintenance can be expensive. But you shouldn’t let this expense keep you off the road. Instead, look into shares with Caravan Partnership and own part of a caravan with none of the trouble or extra expense.