Are you thinking of buying a caravan?

With changes in the world and in Australia, caravan holidays have never been more attractive than they are at the moment. But buying a holiday caravan can be difficult and expensive and this is off-putting for a lot of would-be caravanners.

Now, there’s another way to travel with luxury caravan shares through Caravan Partnership. Shared caravan models are relatively new in Australia. But if you want to save yourself a lot of money, time, and hassle when you buy a holiday caravan, then they might be the way to go.


The Costs of a Caravan

Caravan rental or buying in Australia

Have you been dreaming of taking a caravan holiday? Thinking of buying a caravan to make those dreams come true? Caravan holidays are becoming ever more popular at the moment and the new and used caravan market is skyrocketing. This is driving caravan prices even higher than they have been previously.

However, it isn’t just the purchase price that can be a problem when you buy a holiday caravan. You also need to think about:


Purchase Costs

Buying a new caravan can be prohibitively expensive. Even a basic caravan can cost around $50,000 and if you want some extras and more space, then you’ll probably end up paying upwardsCosts of buying a caravan in australia of $120,000, or even more. This is a serious dent in almost any budget.

Even if you don’t buy on the higher price end, a traditional caravan purchase can cost you around $65,000 before you even get out on the road. And then you need to think about your tow vehicle and whether it’s up to the job.

Yearly Costs

One of the biggest snags that people encounter with a caravan is the yearly costs. Once you’ve bought your caravan, you will also have to maintain, detail, insure and store it when you aren’t using it.

Taking a caravan valued at $65,000 for example, the yearly expenses can cost you around $3,500 a year and if you need storage, this can add on another  $4,800 per year

Investment Value

Caravans can be a good investment because you can rent them out to other people when you aren’t using them. However, this also puts them at risk of being damaged and puts more wear and tear its mechanics, which means more maintenance and services.

The value of a caravan also depreciates over time. It’s more like a car than a house in that way. In the first two years, caravans could lose around 40% of their value.

Using these figures, you can have a better calculation of how much you will lose in 3 years of caravan ownership. Let’s take as an example a purchase of a new caravan valued at $65,000:

  • Initial price = $65,000
  • Yearly costs = $10,500 (3,500 x 3 years)
  • Total investment = $75,500

If after 3 years,  you sell your van at 50% of its initial value, this represents a loss of $43,000

(keep on reading, as you will see why the caravan shares model is such a good option)

Time and Hassle

Time and hassle of owning a caravan

It isn’t just the costs that make buying a new caravan so difficult. There are also lots of variables that you need to consider beforehand. Making the wrong decision here will not only affect your back pocket. It will also affect your holidays for years to come.

Here are just some of the variables you need to think about when you want to buy a caravan:

  • The size of the caravan
  • The weight of the caravan and anything you plan to carry
  • Where you’ll stay during your trips (a caravan park or off the grid)
  • The number of berths
  • How much your vehicle can legally tow
  • Contract warranty terms
  • The van’s carrying and storage capacities
  • What amenities you need for your trips
  • Caravan brands
  • Resale value
  • Ongoing maintenance and cleaning up after your trips

As you can tell, it’s easy to make the wrong decision here, particularly if you haven’t bought a caravan before. And because caravans are so expensive these days and the market so competitive, you really can’t afford to get this decision wrong.

Caravan Use

Heading out into the wilds outside Sydney or elsewhere in Australia is a seductive idea, right? You probably dream about buying a caravan that you can use for quick trips on the weekend and longer trips on special occasions. But reality usually gets in the way of these dreams.

Industry research shows that most caravans are only used for around 6 weeks of the year. This means that your brand-new caravan may sit idle for long periods. But it won’t just be sitting idle, will it? You’ll be paying for storage, maintenance, services, and insurance while it sits there.

This isn’t a good way to enjoy your home on wheels. However, there is a new way that can save you from all of these expenses and problems.

The Benefits of Caravan Shares

buying a Luxury Caravan Australia

The idea of buying caravan shares is a relatively new one. The model was actually inspired by the boating industry. Weekend boaters and other water fans learned a long time ago that buying a boat for the occasional trip isn’t cost-effective. This is why boat shares and rentals are so popular these days.

Now, this model has come to the caravan industry with Caravan Partnership. Buying shares in a caravan allows you to buy 10% shares or more in a luxury caravan with all the extras for a fraction of the cost of buying.

And it isn’t only your budget that will be happy with this model.

Nature and energy

Let’s take a look at why caravan shares may be right for you:

Low Upfront Costs

This model is different to purchasing a caravan upfront. Instead, you buy shares in that caravan. So, if you’re looking for 10% shares in a $65,000 caravan, your upfront costs will be $6,500. This is markedly less than the cost to buy a new caravan. And it means that you may be able to upgrade to a caravan that seemed completely out of reach before.

Yearly Costs

With Caravan Partnership, you get a 12-month membership for $3,600 ($300 per month, over 3 years). This includes insurance, registration, storage, maintenance, cleaning, basic camping gear and pantry set up for your caravan. The caravan is also set up with bedding, linens, Weber barbecuer, coffee machine & an equipped kitchen.

This is almost the same yearly costs as owning a caravan in the traditional way, except that someone else worries about, organises, and performs all the tasks that go into caravan upkeep. You don’t have to do a thing!

Investment Value 

Nature and creativity

When you buy shares through Caravan Partnership, you own them for 3 years. And of course, you are free to sell your share at any time.

At the end of the 3 years, the caravan is sold, and the net proceeds are divided between the caravan’s owners. This guarantees you a minimum 50% return on your initial upfront investment.

So, here’s what this means for you:

  • Initial cost = $6,500
  • Yearly costs = $10,800 (3,600 x 3 years)
  • Total investment = $17,300

Guaranteed return on initial investment after 3 years = 50%

This means that, at most, after 3 years of caravanning with caravan shares, you’ll invest $14,050 (after the 50% guaranteed return on the initial investment).

That’s quite a drop from the loss you take when purchasing a caravan, isn’t it?

Time and Hassle

The time and the hassle you’ll save with caravan shares are probably the biggest benefits of this model. When you buy shares through Caravan Partnership, we take care of all the maintenance, storage, service, and insurance on the van. You literally just pick it up, have a great holiday, drop it off, and forget about it until your next trip.

We also offer:

  • Linens and bedding
  • Basic camping gear, with weber barbecuer 
  • Kitchen equipment and a basic pantry, with a Nespresso coffee machine
  • Towing to your camping spot for an extra fee
  • Friendly online booking
  • Hotel quality cleaning
  • The perfect walk-on, walk-off hotel-like experience

You just don’t get these extras when you buy a new caravan. You have to do them all for yourself!

caravan rental in sydney nsw

Caravan Use

When you buy caravan shares, you can book the caravan whenever you want to use it and know that it’s taken care of when you don’t. Caravan Partnership has an online booking system, so just choose your days on the site and get ready to head out on the road. With caravan shares, each 10% owner is allowed to use the caravan for 35 days in a year, plus unlimited standby bookings (meaning, if a caravan hasn’t been booked by anyone else, you could book it as a stand-by day and don’t use up the 35 days credit).

The Takeaway

If you’re like most busy, modern people, then you won’t use a caravan full-time. You’ll take short trips when you have some time off and have to store and care for your caravan for long idle periods.

This is the old model for buying a caravan and it’s the most expensive way. With Caravan Partnership, you can enjoy all the benefits of your own caravan without the expense, hassle, or trouble.

So, contact us about the best option for your caravanning needs today.