Are you thinking of heading out to spend time in nature whilst doing some caravanning? Spending time out in the wild, swimming, exploring the bush, or just sitting on the beach is not only fun. It also has a variety of benefits for your brain, your body, and your spirit. 


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you could enjoy during your next camping or caravanning trip. Below are our top 10 amazing benefits of spending time outdoors and being close to nature:


1. Vitamin D Boosting 

Vitamin D and Nature

Vitamin D can be found in small amounts in certain foods, but the best source is sunlight. This vitamin helps reduce inflammation, prevent osteoporosis, and helps your body absorb calcium. And with just under one in four Australians thought to be deficient in Vitamin D, there’s never been a better time to get some sunlight. 


2. Better Cognitive Function

Nature and cognitive function

Ever had a foggy brain from too much time at your desk? Getting out into nature can improve your brain in a number of ways. It can: 

  • Improve your focus 
  • Boost your memory
  • Give your mind a chance to unwind
  • Improve concentration 

So, if you want to do well at work, get out in nature and make sure that you leave your phone behind.  


3. Boost Creativity 

Nature and creativity

Being creative, whether you write, paint, draw cartoons, create delicious recipes, or carve furniture out of wood (or any other common activities that require a sprinkle of creativity) is an essential part of being human. 


But this creativity can also get stifled during the routine of your daily life. 


Spending time in nature can help with that. It can help boost your creativity, thinking outside of the box and encourage you to start creating again. 


4. Improve your Mood 

Mood and nature

Anxiety and depression rates have been skyrocketing over recent years for a number of reasons. Getting out in nature is a common recommendation for people with mood disorders, and it turns out that this is good advice. 


Being outdoors and in particular, exercising outdoors, has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. In fact, just the colour green has been shown to have benefits for mood. So, head out for a walk during your next camping trip and see if it helps. 


Just be aware that this strategy is not a replacement for therapy or medication prescribed by your doctor. Instead, it’s a way to connect back to nature and enjoy its natural mood-boosting effects. 


5. Energy Boosting 

Nature and energy

Low energy levels are a common complaint, particularly among people who spend all their time cooped up inside at a desk. The health benefits of being outside can give your brain a jolt that’s comparable to drinking a cup of coffee without the jitters. So, put down the mug and get outside. 


6. Immune System Boosting 

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defence against colds, flu and other infections, so you need to keep it healthy. Getting out in nature can help with that. Studies have shown that plants produce phytoncides, chemicals that increase white blood cell levels. These cells help your body fight off infections and diseases.  


7. Pain Killing 

Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and all too common. Often, the only solution for this kind of pain is painkillers, which can be addictive and dangerous. If you experience regular pain, then try getting out in the sun instead. Sunlight can help lower pain levels, which may help you take less pain medication. 


8. Easier Weight Loss 

Nature and exercise

Ever noticed that it’s easier to exercise out in nature? This isn’t a fluke. Something about nature makes long walks not only desirable but a must. This will obviously boost your fitness, your energy levels, and may help boost your metabolism. This makes nature an amazing way to boost your weight loss efforts if you’ve been spending too much time at your desk and have noticed that your waistline reflects it. 


9. Stress Relief 

Stress is one of the biggest killers in the world at the moment. It’s implicated in a range of disorders and illnesses like heart disease and certain types of cancers. It will also negatively affect your mood, your sleeping patterns, and every other part of your life as well. 


Being close to nature is one of the best and easiest ways to manage that kind of stress. It will help lower your blood pressure, encourage you to unwind, and promote long, lazy days of doing nothing but staring at the scenery. Is there a better way to relax? 


10. Be a Better Person

Spending all your time in the city rushing around makes it easy to forget what’s really important in life. But spending time in nature can help reverse that. 


When you’re somewhere beautiful, with nothing to do but look at the scenery and connect to the wild, you naturally refocus and start to take stock of your life. This will help you identify what’s important to you, making you a better and happier person. 


The Takeaway 

Spending time in nature can offer some amazing benefits to you and to the rest of your family. If you need some time to revitalise and recharge, then let Caravan Partnership show you how to do it the cost-effective, easy way.