Do you have questions about the caravanning lifestyle? Trying to make a decision about whether it’s right for you and your family? Then you need advice from the experts. 


Roni and Beatrix are the founders of Caravan Partnership, an innovative company that aims to make caravanning accessible to more Australians through caravan shares. They’ve also been dedicated campers since they were both children. Today, they’re here to answer some of your burning questions about camping, caravanning, and why they’ll never stop doing either of them. 


1. For how long have you guys been camping?

Hiking and camping

Beatrix and Roni both came to camping and caravanning from very different backgrounds. But those two backgrounds brought them to the same place. 


Roni: “We’ve always been camping, so I was camping with my family when I was a kid. We always went on camping trips in Europe. Really for me, it’s in my blood. Back then, it was not caravanning that was the first choice, it was just a tent and fire and cooking something.” 

Caravanning with friends

Beatrix: “We used to go to nature often, but really started camping regularly when my son was four years old. We went there with very basic equipment, as we were going to try for one night. Luckily, we had Roni because he was the expert. On this trip, it was just some mums and kids, and we bought this basic tent.”




2. What’s the most stunning place you guys have visited on a camping trip?

Caravanning tips Australia

Camping and caravanning are unique in that they let you enjoy nature without barriers or crowds. It’s just you, and the stunning locale in which you’ve found yourself. 


Both Roni and Beatrix have been camping throughout Australia and in Europe and they’ve seen lots of stunning places. But there are some that will stay with them forever. 


Beatrix: “When we went to Uluru, we were driving. We arrived and there was the main camping area and we drove in there and it was the worst nightmare because that was a really commercial camp. There were so many cars and so many camps next to each other. It was a big flat area, and it was like you were in a caravan park where people live. It wasn’t like a campsite feeling. Added the dirt and the desert, it was very, very bad and we said no way, we weren’t going to stay there. 

Camping Uluru Australia

And we met somebody who suggested that we get the Wikicamps app, which has free camps around Australia. We downloaded Wikicamps and we found a spot about an hour back from Uluru, a free camp area. That campsite was stunning. There were some other people as well, and someone had made this really nice oven from the rock and the mud and the rock” 


Roni: “It was a plateau; it was very high on top of the rocks. It was a beautiful view, up high, beautiful sunrise, beautiful sunset, because it’s in the middle of the desert.” 


Beatrix: “When we arrived, it was pitch dark, but it was so beautiful there! Especially in the morning. That’s one of my favourite memories.” 


Roni: “My favourite place anywhere, not just camping wise, but beautiful camping, is Lake Garda in Italy. It’s good for all sports, beautiful nature, very nice people, very nice lake, good camping, good drives, you can do really any sports. It’s one of the few places in the world where, in winter, one day you can go both sailing and skiing without using the car. It’s all there. Not many places in the world like this.” 


4. What do you love the most about camping and caravanning?

Luxury camping in Australia

People who enjoy caravanning tend to be a little obsessed with it. And here’s why Roni and Beatrix are among those avid fans. 


Roni: “I think it’s the freedom and the self-reliance. So, for me, self-reliance is a big thing. It’s less in the caravan, but just with you camping, you’re on your own. Even the easiest things you always need, you can’t take everything with you, so you need to sort out things with the equipment that you have and you are always missing something because you are not at home. You need to be creative.” 


Roni: “Caravanning is different because you’re taking your home with you, you’re not sacrificing as much. You can have total freedom and you can feel safe in a caravan because you lock yourself in, and you have plenty of comforts!” 


5. What’s the wildest adventure you had on a camping trip?

Caravan Partnership Founders

People who travel have great stories. Unfortunately, some of those stories are often a little too wild for public consumption. But you can still have great adventures that leave you with stories that you’re willing to tell people after a caravanning trip. Just like Roni and Beatrix. 


Roni: “Definitely the Burning Man is the wildest. Look, in terms of nature, that’s very harsh. Zero degrees at nighttime and forty-five in the daytime and 5 per cent humidity only. And you’re walking on pretty much salt, it’s not sand, it’s dust and it’s very alkaline, so it dries you out. The desert there just sucks the life out of you very quickly. It’s very hard to deal with.” 


Beatrix: “When I was younger and went around Australia for 30,000 kilometres it was very challenging and exciting in a good way that we never knew because it wasn’t organised. You knew where you wanted to go but you would get to remote places like Broome, and we’d never been there. We would read books but at that time there was no internet connection everywhere. And I had this excitement, in a good way, you know about what would happen if we had to stop here. And that excitement is what I like about camping or caravanning, there’s always a new experience waiting for me.” 


6. What is the best memory from a camping/ caravanning trip?

Caravanning memories

Choosing one good memory of many when you’re a caravanner or a traveller is difficult. But Roni and Beatrix will do their best! 


Roni: “Millions of them!” 


Beatrix: “I remember once we went on this trip from January to March, which are the hottest months in Australia. There were friends with us from Hungary. They didn’t want to come here in winter, so they left Hungary in winter, which is summer in Australia. And we went up north. And it was so challenging for me, being at 45 degrees all day. I couldn’t go around Uluru because it was so hot walking around. But I remember every single minute of that trip as well.” 


Beatrix: “In Australia, the good thing is that Sydney is a very cosmopolitan city, but as soon as you drive for 3-4 days there’s no one around. And you feel like you’re at the end of the world and it’s unbelievable and you have to drive four days to meet people. It’s a very good experience and a very good adventure. 


Roni: “Total self-reliance.” 


Beatrix: “Australia is just unbelievable. When you’re sitting in Bondi, you don’t need to travel, and you don’t need that much money to get that relaxed experience that some people are paying so much to come here and get.”

Roni: “The limit is your fears.” 


And the worst…?

Travelling doesn’t always go smoothly. In fact, mistakes and problems are common, and they usually make the best stories. 

Nature and cognitive function

Roni: “I think we always find the good in everything. It’s always some family fights, where to go, but the memories are getting faint.” 


Beatrix: “I remember mine; we were somewhere in the nature between Darwin and Uluru. I remember we went to some billabong, some national park to go swimming. It started to rain, and we were still swimming and there were so many leaves and bushes and everything. And after we left, we got into the car, and we started to scratch. We were so itchy, and we started to have red spots. We had to go and find a hospital. We were in a very remote area and so we found some Aboriginal doctors who said that when the rain came, there was a plant. And we got something from the plant that washed into the water with the rain, and we got this allergic reaction. It was a remote area and we had to do camping and it was one of the worst nights, having that very uncomfortable feeling and having the heat as well. It took a few days to get rid of those spots.”


7. What’s a dream location that you guys haven’t been to yet (1 in Australia and 1 overseas)?

Every traveller has their dream holiday location, the one that they’ve been about for years but haven’t reached yet. Here’s where Roni and Beatrix most want to go in the world. 


Roni: “I really want to drive from China to Europe. That is like the trans-Siberian express but driving. That would be very challenging.” 

Caravanning China to Europe

Roni: “In Australia, I want to do the drive to Uluru, from Uluru I want to drive on the Great Central Road towards Perth. I don’t want to go to Perth because I’ve been there. So, from there, turn right up to Broome and Broome further north to Kakadu National Park and come back on the shore.” 


Beatrix: “I want to go to Alaska. I want to fly there.”


8. What are your top travel tips for someone that is a ‘caravanning virgin’?

Buying a caravan

There are lots of caravanning and camping tips and tricks on the Caravan Partnership blog, but it’s always good to get some tips right from the mouths of the experts. 


Roni: “Come to Caravan Partnership! Have a look around, give us a call and we can discuss where to start.” 


Beatrix: “If you’re a beginner, I would definitely plan to get to a spot before dark. Start on a weekend, get to know the caravan, get to know everything, try the family out. Plan something not too far and don’t plan too much for the first time. Just get a space, enjoy the weekend, and don’t try to do too much. And then always just add a little bit gradually. When you get more experienced, you can try more challenging situations.” 


The Takeaway 

Ultimate Guide to Buying Caravan

So, now that you’ve heard from the experts, what’s your camping and caravanning history? What kind of memories are you looking to create on your trips? Let Caravan Partnership help you make those dreams come true starting today. 


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