Are you curious to learn how you could be saving money when caravanning?

Everyone likes to get a good deal. That applies, even more, when it comes to taking a caravanning holiday around Australia. These kinds of trips can end up being very expensive if you don’t keep an eye on your costs.


But with a few tips, you can have a great trip without breaking your budget.


To help out, here’s our guide to cheap caravan parks and the best ways to save money on your next caravanning trip.


1. Travel in the Off-Season

Caravan Trip NSW Road saving money

School holidays and holidays of any kind are peak season for caravanners. This is the time of year when the caravan parks are full and the prices sky-high.


If you want to avoid the rush, then why not travel in the off-peak season? This might not be possible if you have kids in school. But if your schedule is more flexible, then travelling at other times will lower the costs substantially. Caravan parks will be cheaper and as an added bonus there will be fewer people around, which means you might get to enjoy some amazing views without obstruction.


2. Bring Your Own Meals

Barbecue at camping site to save money

Half the fun of travelling is eating new foods from new places, so you probably don’t want to avoid doing this entirely. But if you’re looking to save money, then doing some meal prep before you leave can be very effective if you have the van storage space.


Bulk buy your meals at home and put your meals in your van’s freezer. This means that when you’re starving, you won’t have to resort to a dodgy petrol station sandwich. You can just pull something delicious out of the freezer instead.


And this tip doesn’t just apply to your meals either. You need to think bigger and smaller than that. Enjoy your early morning coffee? Five dollars for a coffee doesn’t sound unreasonable, but it can add up. Instead, avoid the cafes and brew your own coffee. This is even easier in a Caravan Partnership van because they come with a Nespresso coffee machine with pods so you can enjoy your early morning jolt.


3. Buy Local Produce

Oat Porridge for off grid caravanning

When you’re away from home, you don’t want to spend your time at the local chain store buying staples. Keep your eyes open for farmer’s markets and fresh local produce instead. By buying local you’ll be helping the local economy and the food will be better because you’re eating according to what’s seasonally available.


There are a lot of farmers’ markets around, no matter what part of Australia you’re in. So, just check online before you go or ask the locals about the best offerings in their area.


4. Use Fuel Vouchers

Saving Money When Caravanning with fuel vouchers

Accommodation, food, and fuel are the biggest expenses when you’re on holiday. If you have your own caravan and you’re staying in cheap caravan parks, then you have the first one covered. But the third one can be an issue if you aren’t prepared.


Have you ever gone to a service station and been asked if you have a voucher? If you’re like most people, then you probably say no and just pay the full amount. But if you’re looking to save money on fuel during a caravanning trip, then these deals can help. Save up the fuel vouchers that you get whenever you shop at a big supermarket chain. As long as the vouchers are still valid, you’ll pay less every time you need to fill up!


5. Stay Off-Grid

concorde 2100 caravan shares for off grid caravanning

There are lots of cheap caravan parks around and you can get some great deals if you travel off-season. But if you want to save even more money, why not try staying off-grid or finding free camping sites? As long as you have the comfort of your luxury van, you can enjoy these hidden gems completely free of charge!


There are lots of places in Australia where you can go off grid caravanning for free. Just be aware that this means you may not have access to amenities like power or water during your stay. This isn’t as big a problem as it seems. Here are some tips for camping off grid:


  • Make sure your caravan water tanks are full
  • Carry some extra freshwater jerry cans just in case
  • Be creative with water use
  • Look for public showers
  • Make sure your caravan has alternate power sources for running the fridge and other appliances like gas or solar power
  • Plan your meals before you camp off the grid
  • Use devices sparingly
  • Choose off-grid holiday parks that have shower and toilet facilities


6. Spend Time in Nature

Nature and cognitive function when off grid

When you travel, you want to shop, eat in great restaurants, and generally enjoy every attraction that you come across. But this can get expensive. So, you need to get organised.


Make sure that you see the sights that you’re most looking forward to, even if they cost a little money. The rest of the time, plan to do lots of nature activities.


It doesn’t cost a lot of money to hike through a national park, go fishing, a bike ride through town, or swim in a pristine lake. And if you need some equipment for these activities, you can always hire it as part of your caravan package from Caravan Partnership. This gives you the best of both worlds, you have the equipment you need stored and ready to go without having to pay tourist prices!


7. Share Caravan Ownership

Buying a caravan and saving money

Buying, detailing, storing and maintaining your caravan can be the biggest expense of all. But now there’s a new model that can save you a lot of money. A caravan share ownership model allows you to use a caravan for a certain number of days each year without the expenses of outright ownership. You just book your caravan, use it, and return it to let someone else deal with all the work and expense.


This model, offered through Caravan Partnership, allows you to buy shares in a luxury caravan you probably couldn’t afford on your own. It’s the easy, hassle-free way to enjoy a budget-friendly caravanning holiday.


The Takeaway

Are you concerned about the expenses of caravanning around Australia? These trips can be expensive. But by choosing cheap caravan parks and following these tips, you’ll find that your trip is surprisingly budget-friendly. You might even save so much money that you can enjoy a longer trip than you expected!


Talk to Caravan Partnership today about getting a luxury caravan and at the same time, save on your caravan trip.