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A brand new way of owning caravans

At Caravan Partnership we want to make your caravanning dream come true. And we know that your dream doesn’t include straining your finances or your schedule or adding more tasks to your already busy life.

At our Sydney based office, we have expert staff who are experienced in the caravanning space and can offer advice and help choosing the right option for you. And our unique, innovative solutions to caravanning offer a smarter, easier, and hassle–free caravan ownership experience.

Available Caravan Shares

Concorde Family 2100

AUD$ 6,500 for 10% share

Concorde Family 2100

Berths: 4

Length: 22 feet

More Details

Featuring luxurious finishes, this family caravan is certain to impress. The Concord 2100 will give you the comfort to make your dream family caravanning holidays unforgettable while giving you the peace of mind that you are travelling on a caravan that it’s built following the highest standards. This is a perfect family caravan, featuring a queen-sized bed, ensuite with ceramic toilet and shower, washing machine, fully equipped kitchen and an electronic awning. This caravan is truly luxury on wheels!

2020 Adria Altea

AUD$ 4,840 for 10% share


Berths: 4

Length: 20'- 6078mm

More Details

We are currently taking expressions of interest on the Adria Altea Caravan. Retaining all of the award-winning features of the Altea, while incorporating a higher wheel base and checker plating to make this a lightweight semi off-road model, designed for Australian conditions. A European Innovation Award winning caravan with a light and welcoming interior. Including intelligent directional, ambient and LED lights throughout, and Adria’s Smart kitchen and Ergo bathroom. Intelligence and style come as standard with ample space and contemporary furniture design.

Black Series Classic 12

AUD$ 4,270 for 10% share

Black Series

Berths: 3

Length: 5.1m

More Details

We are currently taking expressions of interest on the Black Series 12FT OFF ROAD CARAVAN – CLASSIC 12 – C12. This is a very popular off grid and light weight pop top caravan. Bringing a new benchmark to the industry with a perfect mixture of luxury, strength, aerodynamic modern design, build quality, durability, topped off with European appliances. Like a Swiss army knife, the Classic 12 is equipped with a kitchen, toilet and shower while accommodating a family of 3. This compact design is perfect for the weekend warrior or a serious off roader pioneering Australia.

Easier and More Affordable Caravan Ownership

Ever wanted the experience of owning a caravan without all the usual hassle of owning it? Caravans give you the freedom of travel with the luxuries of home. Unfortunately, they’re also expensive to buy and maintain and tend to sit around unused most of the year.

At Caravan Partnership we’ve completely eliminated all of that hassle and the heavy upfront expenses and replaced it with:

Efficient Usage

Don’t leave your caravan left in the weather while you’re not using it, let us make sure that it’s in use rather than sitting around taking up space and costing you money.


Buying a caravan can cost nearly as much as a yacht these days, particularly if you like a little luxury. With our caravan partnerships shares, you pay a much more affordable price so you can enjoy the best of the experience.

Hassle Free

We eliminate the hassle of cleaning, maintaining, and storing your caravan before and after every trip, so it’s always ready for you to use.

Walk-on Walk-off Experience

We make your caravan ready for its next adventure without you lifting a finger. Go wandering with your caravan and return it to us for our expert maintenance, servicing, cleaning, and detailing.

Innovative System

Caravan Partnership is a brand-new way to travel and enjoy the caravan lifestyle, and it’s revolutionizing the way you travel! Our user-friendly system makes booking your caravanning holiday a snap.


We’re all about making the whole caravanning experience as simple and easy as possible in every way from booking through to picking up your caravan. So, give us a call today and find out how easy it can be to live your caravanning dream.

Our Services

Caravan Shares

Our one-stop shop for caravan dreamers who want the fun and travel but don’t want the usual hassle and expense of owning a caravan. Instead, buy 10% of a caravan and use it 35 days of the year, plus unlimited standby days, and let us take care of it the rest of the time.

Caravan Management

If you already own your own caravan, then get expert maintenance, cleaning, detailing, and storage with our caravan maintenance services. And you can even make some extra money by renting out your caravan when you aren’t using it.

Corporate Packages

Co-ownership of Caravan to Reward Your Staff & Clients with FREE Holiday.

Revel in the Freedom of Caravan Ownership Without the Hassle

There’s nothing quite like going on holiday in a caravan. You can pack up the essential parts of your life and take it on the road, answering the bone-deep need for freedom and movement that lives in every human soul. You go where you want, when you want, and never have to unpack or tow your luggage through the crowds at an airport.

Now, you can enjoy all this freedom and choice without any of the trouble of an expensive investment, maintenance, or cleaning your caravan. All you have to do is pack up the family and pick up your trusty caravan knowing that it’s clean, detailed, ready to go, and already pre-filled with all of your gear!

Caravan Partnership can help you live that dream quicker, easier, and without spending all your savings. They’re the innovative solution for a new generation of land travelers.

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